Top ten universities for Social Science in 2020 

The social sciences include a range of subjects, from international relations to politics to geography.

Graduates of social science degrees go on to a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors.

The major social sciences are Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Politics, Psychology and Sociology.

The social sciences are a vital part of today’s culture and touch on all areas of life, and Europe has a long history with them. Today two out of the top five universities in the world for the social sciences are European. Many European universities specialise in the social sciences – as seen through places like the London School of Economics and Political Science or the Sciences Po, Paris.

Even those that don’t specialise in social sciences, however, excel at them, including institution like the University of Amsterdam, founded in the 1600s, or the University of Copenhagen, the oldest university in Denmark.

Europe has long led the progress of these sciences, seen through Germany bringing out the emergence of experimental psychology, or the Swiss’ influence on structural linguistics. This history of innovative thought makes Europe the perfect place for studying these subjects today.

However, below we have listed the top ten universities for social science, according to QS rating:

  1. Harvard University, United States
  2. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), United Kingdom
  3. Stanford University, United States
  4. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  5. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States
  7. University of California, Berkeley, United States
  8. Yale University, United States
  9. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), United States
  10. Columbia University, United States