Queries to ask universities representatives at a Virtual Fair

A virtual education fair allows prospective students to speak to several universities and higher education institutes. So, what should you ask the representatives to make the most of the opportunity?

Queries based on your research on the university website

Before attending the fair, you should do thorough research on the universities participating in the fair to make the most of your time with university representatives – and not ask questions that are already answered on the university website.

If you see something of particular interest about the university or its programs, you can ask the university representatives to elaborate on it.

You can also ask questions to clarify your understanding of certain information if something doesn’t make sense.

This will show that you have done your homework in researching the university and its programs. It will also make you stand out as a potential candidate for the university programs.

Queries on what the university looks for in prospective students

You can look up the admission requirements for your program of interest before the fair. When you then attend the affair, you can ask the university recruiters what else they are looking for in addition to the admission criteria. Find out how you can excel in your application to the university programs.

Queries on career prospects after graduation

Most universities would have a careers service that helps prepare students for working life after graduation. At the fair, you would have the opportunity to ask university representatives about the post-study experiences of their alumni.

You can ask which fields graduates from your program of interest typically end up in and whether the university offers career services and/or networking opportunities that help graduates get into their targeted field.

If you are interested in working in the study abroad destination country after graduation, you can ask about career opportunities in that country and whether there is a post-graduation employment route for international students.

Queries on international students’ experience

At the fair, you may be able to meet international student ambassadors and alumni from different universities. Take the opportunity to get first-hand information about their study abroad experiences.
Questions you may ask include why they chose to study in that university or country, how welcome they felt, and how long did it take for them to adjust to any cultural differences.