Get easy access to abroad studies.

The international student market has become highly competitive globally. As competition continues to intensify, success in acquiring and retaining International students will depend on the ability of a country and institution to understand and respond to the needs of the market. Students irrespective of group, mainly look to opportunities to enhance their career prospects through acquiring high-quality education with qualifications that are recognized worldwide. The experience of studying abroad and its associated benefits is also important for most students.

JD Group Nepal is conducting an exclusive online webinar “Mega Event” this month for parents and students on which we will be highlighting the best universities worldwide, cost comparison of the universities, a course-based appropriate college, enrollment process, and requirements accordingly.

We will analyze the education system of different countries based on various factors like the rankings given by the reputed ranking institutions like QS Ranking and Times Higher Education, which are established in overseas education. We will also assess their higher education system on factors like research opportunities offered by their institutions and the duration of the courses. Apart from this, we will also consider how much money is allocated for the education of the country. This will guide our valued students in selecting a better country and courses for their further studies amid COVID situation. We will be conducting comparative studies on the various countries’ Universities on the following basis

  • Requirements for higher studies
  • Cost of Education, Using Accommodations
  • Less part-time earnings
  • Net Education cost
  • Processing time
  • Part-Time Work, Hours allowed per week
  • Post-study visa Duration

The webinar will try its best to clear student’s confusion regarding taking their studies abroad. If you are confused about choosing the best engineering college, MBA, or medical, technical colleges and wondering to know which country to peruse higher education from, no worries, our exclusive webinar is conducted addressing queries anything on the same.

The countries like US, Canada, Germany, Australia highlighted are the popular preferred study destinations for international students. Other than these, few European countries have also developed a well-balanced higher education system. Several countries have developed a niche for certain kinds of courses like Germany and the Netherlands holds prominence in Automobiles. Also, France is known for business-related courses and Finland for Artificial Intelligence. Ireland dominates when it comes to courses related to Computer Science. Even all the major tech giants have their corporate offices in Ireland. Apart from this, countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland have also developed an excellent higher education system.

Thus, with the motive to guide deserved students to achieve their dream of quality education and secured career, JD Group Nepal assures working round the clock to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and that we are committed to supporting your international education ambitions.

Interested candidates can message us their names and selected country & contact us @ 9801125553 with any questions you have got – our team of expert advisers are here to guide and can talk you through all the practicalities of international study at this time.