Exciting Apps for making Exceptional Notes

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

― Jodi Picoult

Note taking is an art. I was never a student who maintains her notes properly, half of my notebook left blank. Meanwhile, my friends use glittering pens, highlighters and even small sticky notes to decorate their conventional paperback notebook. Once, one of my lecturers saw my notebook and gave me a pathetic look. But who even take handwritten notes when you can make notes from online apps! Well, I would prefer typing online notes rather than writing it. And Jodi Picoult was right but only for handwritten notes!

Classroom Notes could be typed and saved online using some of the applications where you can highlight important points, change the font style and colour, add images and even videos in your online notes. And I can count my fingers who used lecturer notes to study. Even toppers have given up writing notes. Students have moved to used digital apps to make notes. So now let’s see which are the mobile apps that are been used by students to jot down the important points.


This is one of the best apps when it comes to digital notes. Take it any website that can list out top digital note app, this app always makes it into that list. Listing your remainder tasks, ideas, to-do list and meeting this app gives the user a different type of options to note down the points. For example, you want to note down an idea, this evernote app provides you an existing template to write down the description of your idea. You can even add photos to your idea, and you can add links and references for your idea.

This app allows the user to record audio, take photo and do sketching. You can also share your ideas or notes to others when created in this app. You can also track the time you made the note and the edited history in this app, amazing isn’t it?


This app is really an app for making simple notes, no complicated settings or options. You just must sign up and start adding the notes. Your points are added into a page, once you finish entering your points you can publish the notes that will add up in the application. You have an option to ‘Pin to Top’ to pin a note at the top of the application for referring it every now and then. You have an option called ‘collaborate’ with your friends to work together.

There is an edit history tracking option as well. You can see the preview of your notes before saving it. This is a neat no nonsense application that allows the user to note down the points and very user friendly.

Zoho notebook:

This is a ‘fairy tale-like’ application for taking notes. Once I signed up this app, I started adding more untitled notes because the notes front photos are so aesthetic. Once I touched a notebook that I have created it took me to a blank space where I can jot down my points, record audio, make a to-do list, attach an image, capture an image and even draw in that notebook. I can choose a background colour for writing notes.  This app allows the user to indent the notes. You can even change the view of your notes inside your notebook.

Those who love art can install this app and I can bet you will take down your notes like a ritual. You also have an option to sort down the notebook based on title, creation date and modified date. You can sync the information from this app. Those who are preparing to take notes can use this app as it makes the lessons look more appealing.

Google note:

This is an inbuilt app for many android phones. This note gives out the vibes of Gmail application, an authentic google application, you can tell. You must click on the plus symbol to draft your notes. Add a title and notes like other applications you can take a photo or choose an image from your library to attach it to your notes, draw, record and add tick boxes in your note. You can create labels and organize your notes.

Once the note is created you can pin the note, add a remainder to the note.


Finally, it is my personal favourite app for making notes. This is an inbuilt IOS app for taking notes. You can make folders to save your notes. The notes get saved according to the time modified, the user can sort it out based on title, date created and edited like google note. You can add tables in this application. You have different font sizes for the Title, heading and sub heading and even monospaced. You have the lock option to lock your note using a password so no one can access your notes without the password.

The sgbau press note can be taken in any of the above-mentioned apps. I have downloaded these apps into my mobile to give the readers a genuine opinion on these apps. And please let me know what are the other apps that could give a better experience to the digital writers.