10 major tips on how to deliver a convincing speech

Don’t you want to champion the art of speech in a limited period of time? If so, please read further!!!!

Are you scared of talking in front of large group of strangers? If you do, no need to succumb to this fear by yourself, most of us are on the same page.

An effective speech feels like success, doesn’t it?

We have all faced the utter embarrassment of puzzling up our speech in the middle of a conference, well most of us have.  As for me, I treated it as a growth curve rather than shunning away and disengaging myself from the society.

Research suggests that the effectiveness of your speech is determined not by the knowledge you transmit but by what the listener receives. While there are very few who communicate as if they were born to speak, most of us require to go through a thorough training regime to make our speech persuasive.

So, if you are a beginner and need some tips to perfect your speech then you’re in the right place!

Keep reading and get to know more about how to deliver an effective speech.

Believe it or not brainstorm helps!!!

Brainstorming ideas is crucial before your decide on the content for your speech. It is an efficient way of coming up with multiple ideas, analyzing the good ones and removing the less relevant ones.

Next is the process of task sequencing. Organizing the main points and supporting examples will add more fluidity to your speech or presentation.

Analyzing the Audience helps!!!!

You’ve got to set your finger on the pulse of your audience. Before you finalize the content or determine the tone of your presentation, it is important to know what your listeners will take from your presentation. Project your arguments in such a way that it matches their interests and keeps them engaged throughout the speech.

Open and end with an amazing punch line….

A punch line or a quote by a famous personality can be an ideal way of grabbing the attention of your listeners. Statistical information about an issue and highlighting the problem related to it will lay a foundation for the forth-coming arguments

Try to keep your body language in check…..

When you’re all set to present before an audience, ensure that your body language is in your favor. Displaying nervousness or appearing stiff can betray you and ruin the mood of the presentation. Holding a paper or resting your hands on the rostrum can make you appear calm and confident.

Project your voice

Once you’ve set a calm and composed aura, it’s time to focus on your tone and voice. A bold and loud voice can do wonders in taking a well-scripted content to a wider audience. On the other hand, a feeble sound can make the presentation flat and sway the audience away.

Add some emotion

Humans are creatures of emotions than of logic. Giving an emotional wallop to your content will create a huge impact in the speaker-audience dynamic. Including motivational incidents, quotations and anecdotes can increase the emotional quotient in your content. Project your solutions to the common problems of the audience.

Include real-life instances

Presenting case studies, real stories will make the speech more credible and persuasive. But make sure to deliver authentic information in a neutral tone. Very often, divulging original incidents or scenarios in a biased tone can hurt the sentiments of the people.

Eye-contact helps

I know it is very hard to keep eye contact with strangers….Trust me I do J

However, eye contact is another factor that distinguishes a pro from an amateur speaker. It builds a personal rapport with the audience and infuses a sense of involvement in your presentation. So imagine audience without clothes (Let’s not run our imaginations run wild hereJ) and speak with dominance. I can tell that the imagination power will come after many years of practice. I can guarantee you on that!!!

End with a BANG!!!!

Ending with BANG makes an eminent difference. Ending a speech on a high note makes a difference.

Show confidence and positivity

You must have heard fake it till you make it, right??? Well guess what, it is true.

Last but certainly not the least; confidence is the wagon that carries your content to your listeners. The more confident you are, the more impactful your presentation is.

Like any skill, excelling in speech delivery is no accident. The speech skills are developed through years of gradual practice. It is about making a constant effort and committing yourself to keep doing things better than before. So keep on practicing and never lose hope and faith on yourself!!! Do not be afraid of making mistakes, since they act a pillar towards eventual and long-awaited success and always remember you only have to get it right ONCE… THAT’S IT!!!

I hope you will feel better after following the tips while delivering speech in future during any occasion. If you feel the following tips help you, then please do not forget to share, it means a LOT!  In case, if you feel I have missed out on something please mention in the comments section down below and DO NOT FORGET to share any embarrassing public speaking disasters you might have had… because I can guarantee they won’t be worse than mine…